What is Helpwise?

Helpwise (by SaaS Labs) is a one-stop solution to manage all customer queries across multiple channels in one place. With Helpwise, customers can configure ‘team inboxes’ for a variety of text-based channels - emails, SMS, Whatsapp, chatbots, Instagram, etc. in a singular view.

The Helpwise Home Page is where every user lands post login. In this view, they are able to get a birds eye view of which inboxes are set up, as well as navigate through the nav bar to a few other destinations.


The first action a user generally takes everyday on Helpwise is to go into each inbox and go through every conversation to identify which ones need attention. As the number of inboxes scale, this can often be cumbersome, time consuming, and result in missed action items. We want to improve the usability of Helpwise by providing them an overview and ability to focus on urgent and important actions.

Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 2.26.02 PM.png


A user when logs in should be able to


What is a shared inbox and why was it born?

Simply put, a shared inbox is an inbox that allows multiple people to receive, read, manage, and reply to emails inside the same email account. It solves the email overload problem by as it is more productive, faster or better at working in teams.

We have been using shared inboxes but in a different way...